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Save a Stray Cat


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Greece is home to an estimated 3 million stray cats. 

Constantly searching for their next meal, at risk of injury and disease, these vulnerable cats can spend their entire lives without any veterinary care, shelter, or positive human contact. 

Working with local animal lovers throughout Greece we are tackling the over populations crisis and ensuring homeless cats are fed and cared for. 

But we need help. 

As little as £3 per month – less than a takeaway coffee – can help us save a cat from a life of suffering and misery. 

Our cat loving supporters help to: 

Stop the birth of homeless kittens: Our top priority is to neuter/spay Greece’s stray cats which reduces the birth of kittens and improves the lives of adult cats.

Feed and care for stray cats: We support volunteers to feed and care for stray cat colonies and ensure that ill or injured cats receive veterinary care.

Protect cats from disease: We vaccinate cats to prevent them from life threatening viruses, fleas, ticks and worms.

Rescue and rehome vulnerable cats: We also try to find loving homes for cats with special needs and kittens.

We want to save more cats from lives of suffering and misery. Can you help us?